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Max out traffic conversion and lead nurturing

Convert More Traffic with Automated Conversations.  Engage your audience naturally — through conversations. Capture attention, build stronger relationships and get higher conversion rates. Efficiently — without coding.

Lower Bounce Rate
The average person’s attention span is only 8 seconds. When visitors land on your page, they might quickly lose interest if nothing catches their attention, and they leave your site.

Having LeadHop on landing pages initiating an interaction can quickly catch the visitor’s attention and interest. The chat also encourages your readers to navigate to other web pages, therefore lowering the bounce rate.

Higher On-Page Time
Through interacting with your LeadHop pop-up, visitors are engaged, stay on the page longer, and have their queries answered. This increases the on-page time, which is an essential metric in SEO.

Increase engagement with coordinated campaigns

Onboard and activate new Leads while re-engaging current ones with targeted messages, nurturing, SMS, Email, and more.

Drive growth with targeted messages

Convert more of your website visitors into loyal customers with personalized messages, and real-time chat right when they need it.

Promote your brand or others.  Sky rocket leads and conversions.

Whether you use our out-of-the-box reports, customize your own, or use our APIs and apps, you can measure exactly what’s important to your business with maximum flexibility.

About Us:

We are a Boutique Agency for Affiliate Marketers helping them with lead generation/nurturing.  This is done by executing and optimizing complex messaging campaigns cross channel in perfect harmony.  On the daily multi-variant & A/B split tests are increasing conversions across our client base.